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ABC International
Exporters and manufacturers of organic tamarind paste and other food and beverage flavour ingredients; based in India.

Adams Food Ingredients
Suppliers of functional food and dairy ingredients. UK.

Adumim Food Ingredients
Supplier of food additives and specialties for the food and beverage industry. Products including citric acid, citrates, sorbates, and monosodium glutamate.

A..E. Staley
Large corn refiner in North America. Offers product information and corporate data.

Manufactures a range of food products, specializing in flavors and seasonings. Company profile, news and product list.

Ajinomoto USA
Producers of food additives such as MSG, Activa TG enzyme products and Ajitide nucleotides.

Greek processor of spices, dried fruit, nuts, and raw materials for pastry-making. Site in Greek and English.

Manufacturer of food ingredients obtained from carob beans. Includes company profile, products, applications, and contact information.

Alliance Ingredients
Ingredients for candy, ice cream, bakery and biscuits. Offers technical support for food applications, food design and production engineering.

Amano Enzyme
Maker of enzymes for pharmeceuticals, diagnostic medicines, and the food industry. Head office in Nagoya.

American Tartaric Products
Offers a variety of food and beverage additives including cream of tartar, tartrates, fining agents, yeast, enzymes, and antioxidants. Product details, MSDS sheets, and contact link.

Produces additives, flavors, bases and mixes for the ice cream industry.

Archer Daniels Midland
A large supplier of ingredients to the food industry offers comprehensive resources about its products.

Atlantic Sweetener Company
Distributors of industrial food ingredients including sweeteners, food chemicals, starches, and proteins.

B & A.G Hulme
Essence and compound manufacturers for the soft drink industry.

Baker's Kingdom International Inc.
Offers dough improvers and equipment for the baking industry. Company profile, product and contact information.

Basic Food Flavors, Inc.
Manufacturer of over 120 different hydrolyzed vegetable protein products including non-gmo and I.P certified.

Bioactive Resources LLC
Provider of botanical and nutraceutical ingredients for the beverage, vitamin supplement, and health food industries. Avenel, New Jersey

BioSource Flavors
Biotechnology company specializing in natural products derived from a combination of fermentation and drying technologies. Cultures, flavors, colors and neutraceuticals.

Brolite Products, Inc.
Bakery industry supplier of conditioners, natural rye sours, and bread and sweet dough bases.

Describes a process for separating protein from sources such as canola (oil-seed rape). Also includes personnel, news, company information and contacts.

Butter Buds Food Ingredients
Offers enzyme modified flavors of butter, cream, cheese and other flavorful fats, delivering highly concentrated flavor in convenient powdered form. Company history, product and technical data, distributor information, contact details.

Calico Food Ingredients Limited
Canadian company offering a range of specialty ingredients for food manufacturers.

California Custom Fruits and Flavors
Designs fruit fillings, variegates, purees, flavors,and drink bases for the dairy, bakery and beverage industries. Organic and AIB certified.

Can Am Ingredients, Inc.
Full service industrial food ingredient supplier. Product and contact details.

Canadian Foods Inc.
Supplies ingredients to the bakery and food service industry. Based in Ontario, Canada. Company profile and product information.

Canadian Inovatech Inc.
Functional food ingredients for baking and wine industry. Whole egg and egg products (liquid, frozen, yolk, powder) for baking. Lysozyme for wine or cheese fermenting.

Casco Inc.
Canadian corn processor which manufactures corn syrup solids, dextrose, maltodextrin and starches.

Celestial NutriFoods Limited
Develops and manufactures soybean-based high concentration protein powders. Beijing, China.

Changjiang Food Co., Ltd.
Offers food grade potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, and calcium citrate. Product and contact details.

Charotar Casein Company
Manufacturers of casein protein powder. Gujarat, India.

Chocolates a la Carte
Manufacturer of chocolate dessert containers, confections and amenities to trade. Valencia, CA.

Suppliers of stabilizers, fiber, pectin and other food processing aids.

Continental Custom Ingredients
Suppliers of surfectants, emulsifiers, liquid stabilizers and custom blending for the food industry. Company profile and outline of operations.

Distributor of monosodium glutamate, chlorella, glutamic acids, I+G, and other fine food chemicals products.

Corn Products International, Inc.
Corn refiner producing dextrose and starch products.

Creamy Creation
Supplying beverage companies with cream liqueur ingredients for alcohol and non-alcohol based cocktails, cream liqueurs, health drinks, dairy and non-dairy beverages.

Danisco Cultor
Manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food and feed industry.

Direct Food Ingredients Limited
Distributor of food ingredients throughout the UK, servicing a variety of food sectors including beverages, confectionery, health food and flavour houses. Company profile, contact and product information.

DMV International
Food ingredients for the food and dairy industry including milk proteins, whey, caseinates, lactoval, lactoferrin, pharmatose and milk powders.

Dow Corning
Improve food and beverage processing, food packaging, and food production by using H1 and H2 lubricating fluids and silicone based antifoams.

Producer of batters and breading systems.

DSM Food Specialties
Producers of food ingredients and nutritional additives including enzymes, yeast extracts, and HVPs (hydrolized vegetable proteins. Company and product profiles, and contact details.

Offers a variety of processing ingredients including oleoresins and essential oils, food flavors and colors, as well as freeze dried meat and vegetables. Company profile, product and contact information.

Evergreen Research and Development
Specializes in sourcing both commercial and organic ingredients for the food and bakery industry.

Falcon Trading International Corp.
Suppliers of bulk raw materials for health food manufacturers. Company profile and contact information.

Offers cocoa liquor, pure prime pressed cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder in four major colors: natural, brown, red and black.

The Fibred Group
Offers soy-based insoluble fiber for food product applications. Company and product information.

Food Ingredients Online
Virtual community for the food ingredients industry

Food Ingredients Technologies
Supplier of meat processing ingredients.

Food ingredients for manufacturers of ready meals, convenience foods, and breakfast foods.

Indian producer of food processing ingredients.

Forum Holdings Ltd. Food Division
Distributor of food supplements such as Nutrasweet (aspartame), and many other flavourings.

French Ingredients
Industrial food ingredients. Site offers in-depth product specifications, company news and press releases.

Fruitcrown Products Corp.
Aseptic fruit bases, flavors and specialties

Gerald McDonald
Produces natural, organic and synthetic ingredients for the food, drink, flavor and fragrance industries. Includes a product search, a virtual tour, processing details and directions. Located in Essex, UK.

Gerkens Cacao BV.
Cocoa processor. Find information about cocoa liquor, powder, butter, and product specifications.

Giusto Faravelli S.p.A.
Raw materials, food additives and ingredients for the food industry. Details product lineup as well as information on quality, safety and events.

Global Ingredients Inc.
Produces gums, stabilizers and oleoresins for the food industry. Products and contact details.

GMI Inc.
Distributers of edible, pharmaceutical and hydrolyzed gelatin in North America, and as well, food flavors. Company profile, product and contact details.

H J Langdon & Co
Manufacturer and supplier of ingredients, herbs and spices to the food, beverage, wine and pharmaceutical industries with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Halcyon Poteins
Australian manufacturer of hydrolysed vegetable proteins. Company profile and product details.

Haliburton International Corporation
Company news, product range and sample request, and contact details.

Henningsen Foods
Offers specialty eggs and dehydrated meat, poultry, and seafood products. Company profile, product and contact details.

Herbstreith & Fox KG
Producer of pectins for the food industry. Company profile, product and contact information.

Howard Gordy, Inc.
U.S. importer and distributor of ingredients for bakeries.

HwaChien Foods Co., LTD.,
Produces fruit juices, powdered flavorings, jams and jellies, creamers, and other foodstuffs. Taiwan.

I. Rice and Company, Inc.
Specializes in bakery fillings and flavors, ice cream toppings, flavors, and ingredients, syrups, and beverage concentrates. Company profile, products and news.

Ideal Food Ingredients
Producer of functional ingredient blends for the food industry. Company profile and product details.

Manufacturer of functional dairy ingredients, milk based ingredients and proteins for food industries.

Ingredient Experts
Supplier of dry bakery ingredients for extended shelf life and emulsification properties. Product and contact details.

Jiali International
Food additive suppliers for monosodium glutamate, aspartame, potassium sorbate and citric acid.

Junca Gelatines, SLU
Produces gelatine and hydrolyzed gelatine from pìg skin, fish, poultry and bovine. Company profile and product details.

Natural biotechnology for the food industry.

Supplier of natural food ingredients such as natural colours and extracts, vegetable products, fish extracts, fruit products, botanical extracts and nutraceuticals.

Karmat Coating Industries Ltd.
Specializes in the development, production and marketing of functional microencapsulated products and ingredients. Israel.

Kelly Flour Company
Milk replacers, egg extenders, custom blends, and other mixes supplied to the commercial baking industry. USDA, AIB, and Kosher certified.

Kerry Ingredients
Manufacturer of a wide range of ingredient systems for the global food industry.

Kiernan's Food Ingredients
Manufactures water-based marinades and sauces, burger and sausage seasonings, spices and herbs, dry cures and casings. Includes a brief company profile and a list of products. Located in Carrickmacross, Ireland.

Producer of soy sauce. Contains product information, corporate profile, and some food ingredient information.
Konjac flour developed specifically for the food industry.

Kull Food Technologies
Specializes in flavor enhancers based on by-products from food processing, and on food extenders from various commodities.

Algerian company's background and facilities for creating and producing food aromas. Table of aroma and perfume products, and email contact.

Lapi Gelatine
Manufactures gelatines for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Company profile, product information and details of the production process.

Liuzhou Dana Food Additive Co., Ltd.
Produces emulsifiers, modifiers, and stabilizers, food-grade phosphates, caramel pigment, and natural fragrances. Located in China.

Loders Croklaan
Producer of specialty and nutritional lipids and additives for the food and health industry.

Main Street Ingredients
Manufacturer of functional ingredients including reduced minerals whey, whey protein concentrates/isolates, casein, caseinates, milk protein concentrates, and custom-formulated blends.

Maize Products
Manufacturers of a variety of corn based products.

MBZ Group
Manufacturer of natural coatings and films for industrial, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and fruit coating applications. Company profile and products.

Meggle Whey Powder Feed Ingredients
Manufacturer of party-delactosed whey-powders.

Supplies flavour enhancers, functional ingredients, enzymes, and dried sour dough to the baking trade.

Minn-Dak Growers, Ltd.
World-wide supplier of mustard, buckwheat, and confection sunflower seeds for food ingredient applications.

Mionix Corporation
Offers FDA/USDA approved food safety products based on acidic calcium sulfate. Kills pathogens and prevents regrowth on meat, poultry, hot dogs, and cheese. Company and product information.

Mohta Commercial Company
Indian distributor of liquid glucose, dextrose, sorbitol, and maize starch.

National Enrichment Industries
Manufacturer and distributor of food grade tricalcium phosphate (TCP). Company profile, and product and contact details.

Natural Sprout Company, LLC
Produces soy, wheat, broccoli, oat, barley, alfalfa, and other sprout powders for commercial and consumer applications.

Newly Weds Foods
Producer of premium batters, breadings, coatings, spices and seasonings to the processed food industry.

Ng Wah International Development Ltd
Food manufacturer mainly dealing in starch, flour, native produce and chemicals.

Nikken Foods Company, LTD
Manufacturers of natural food flavor extracts, powders and bases including soy sauces, seafood powders, vegetable powders, meat and poultry powders and other fermented products.

North Pacific Trading
Supplier of domestic and imported food ingredients throughout the U.S.

Nutra Cells
An overview of an EU-funded project co-ordinated by NIZO food research on nutraceutical production by lactic and propionic acid bacteria based on fermentation of dairy and soy raw material.

Innovative and value added ingredients for the food, beverage, and nutritional supplement industries.

Supplier of nutritional peanut ingredients for the manufacture of food products: Partially and fully defatted peanut flour, oil, extract, paste, butter, and low-fat peanuts.

Old California Sourdough
Producer of dry mix sourdough, sweet dough, spice blends and custom blending for pizza restaurants worldwide.

OmniActive Health Technologies
Manufacturers and supplies nutritional ingredients to the healthcare, food, and personal care industries. Headquarters in India.

Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.
Produces freeze dried ingredients including meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and flavors. Offers products sized to customer requirements.

Overseal Foods Ltd.
Producers of natural food coloring and yeast for use by commercial food producers.

Palsgaard A/S
Supplier of emulisifiers, stabilisers and ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, dairy, fine food, ice cream and margarine industries.

Provides the technologies and the bases needed for the production of various of food products; soup mixes, sauce mixes, cake mixes, instant dishes, and health products.

P.L. Thomas & Co.
Ingredient manufacturer producing botanical extracts, soy proteins, soy isoflavones and gums.

Premium Ingredients, Ltd.
Distributor of ingredients serving the food, flavor and fragrance, nutritional and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries throughout the United States and Europe.

Primex ehf
Manufactures a range of chitin and chitosan-based products and a variety of specialty fish proteins and marine flavors.

Protein Sales
Distributor of industrial food ingredients with central offices located in Ashland, Virginia.

Supplier of ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, ice-cream and catering industries.

Q Plus Concept Co., Ltd.
Produces additives for food and seafood as well as food ingredients, starches, and spices. Thailand.

Qingdao F.T.Z. United International Inc.
Manufacturer and exporter of ingredients, preservatives, and flavors to the nutrition and feed industries. China.

RAD Natural Technologies Ltd.
Manufacturer of natural antioxidants for enhancing food quality and prolonging shelf life. Company profile, product details, and contact form.

Regency Mowbray Company Limited
UK. Manufacturer of colours, flavourings, emulsifiers, fruit products including organic and chocolate coatings for the ice cream, frozen desserts and bakery industries.

Reka Nutrition Sdn. Bhd.
Distributor of food flavors, fragrances, food colors, basic chemicals, and essential oils in Asia.

Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Ltd
Manufacturers of liquid glucose, maize starch, corn gluten, and other corn based ingredients. Company profile, product information, and contact links.

Rugao Changjiang Food Co.,Ltd.
Chinese producers of sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, and other food chemicals. Company profile and contact details.

Processor of additives for the meat, baking, and confectionary sectors of the food industry. Company profile and product details.

Scios Ltd.
Supplier of specialised functional food ingredients, processing materials and technology across the food, wine and beverage industries.

Sensient Technologies Corp
USA. Manufacturers of colors, fragrants and flavors for the food and beverage, cosmetic, personal and home care, and pharmaceutical industries. Also, specialty chemicals for inkjet inks and display imaging systems.

Shanghai Weiping Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd.
Producers of chemical food additives including sodium benzoate. Company profile, product and contact details.

Shree Additives
Produces food flavors, malts, colors, solvents and soft drink concentrates. Company profile, products and suppliers.

Sichuan Kaite Science and Technology Corporation (Group) Ltd.
Industrial conglomerate in China producing taurine food supplement, solid and liquid detergents, paper products, and glass bottles.

Signature Secrets Culinary Thickener
Instant thickening agent for any number of preparations including soups, sauces, gravies, fillings, puddings, marinades and desserts.

Singsino Trading Enterprise
Trading in ingredients, additives, and sweeteners for use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. China.

Skidmore Sales
Full service distributor and broker of industrial food ingredients, with 6 warehouse locations and technical sales coverage in 14 states.

Solbar Hatzor Ltd.
Producer of soy protein concentrates.

Food grade fiber and silicon dioxide for extended shelf life, bulking, moisture binding, and as a low-calorie additive.

Sonic Biochem
Indian manufacturer of new generation value added non-gmo soya products.

Soon-Da Foods Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Offers dehydrated meat powders.

SP Asia Enterprise
Supplies a variety of products including functional seafood additives, spices, and modified starches. Product details.

Specialised Protein Products
Supplier of non-GM soy and soybean ingredients and products to the food manufacturing industry.

Specialty Food Ingredients
A source for soy and nut based solutions for the food industry.

Spell Organics Limited
Manufacturers of emulsifiers for the confectionery and bakery industries. Headquartered in New Delhi, India.

SPI Group
Distributor of specialty food ingredients for industrial applications. Product and contact details.

SternLife GmbH & Co. KG
Supplier of food supplements for health, wellness, fitness and balanced diets. Includes product and company information. Ahrensburg, Germany.

Sun Pacific Products Inc.
International marketing company providing customers with industrial fruit and vegetable concentrates along with essential oils, dried fruits and nuts.

Canadian manufacturer of soy products. Recipes, tips, news and product and related information.

Sunshine International Foods, Inc.
Producers of tahini and halvah.

Taiyo International Food
Manufacturer of green tea products, soluble dietary fiber, nutrition delivery systems, emulsifiers, and food stabilizers.

Tereza Inter
Russian manufacturer of food flavors, colors, fragrances and cosmetic raw materials.

Greek manufacturer of industrial food ingredients.

Unbar Rothon
Specialists in the development and manufacture of colour blends, flavourings and colour blends for use in the food industry.

Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of liquid glucose, maize starch, corn gluten, and other corn based ingredients. Features a complete product catalog and business information.

3-V Inc.
Manufacturer of liquid meat tenderizers, natural fruit concentrates, dietary supplements, and pet products.

Valley Research, inc.
Manufacturer of non-GMO enzymes for the food industry.

Manufacturer of margarine, oils, fats, soy food, mayonnaise and sauces for the food industry.

Venkatesh Food Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of a variety of spray dried fruit and vegetable powders and natural food colors.

Veos Group
Offers animal proteins used for food and feed. Products include hemoglobin, plasma and globine.

Veripan AG
Swiss company specializing in food engineering and additive production. Company profile and outline of products and services.

Vinayak Corporation
Manufacturer and exporter of food colors, flavorings, spices and seasonings, and instant food products. India.

Gelatine manufacturer offering gelatine for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Serves the food industry with the Farigel range of techno-functional cereal ingredients such as thermally processed and stabilised cereal flours, brans and germs based on wheat, maize, rice, barley, oats and peas.

Wilbur Chocolate
Manufacturer of industrial chocolate for the dairy, confectionery, nutritional and food manufacturing industries. Offers chocolate coatings, chunks, drops, flakes, cocoa powder and ice cream coatings.

Xena International Inc.
Manufactures, imports and distributes dry and liquid food ingredients. Includes a product list and a brief company profile. Located in Polo, Illinois, USA.


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