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Futuristic art and design, digital art and other new media, new technologies, scientific art, and related resources.

Contributors mostly from Detroit and New York, "collapsing the space between design, art, music and culture." Archives dating back to 2002.

Clairity's Place
Musings on teaching, writing, literature, philosophy and faith.

Close your Eyes
Ramblings on indie and other non-mainstream music. Occasionally bits on web search, movies, books, travels and thoughts on life.

Crazy Kimchi
Weekly webcomic, visual arts, original writing, and linkblog.

A submissions based site, creativecrypt is meant to act as a community for creative minded people.

Enbryo Project
Focuses on multiple aspects of design; web, print, photo, and other mediums. Includes commentaries, reviews, and personal views.

Finding the seed in what sucks.

Glenn Gaslin
Pop culture journalism by this freelance writer.
A production weblog by writer and director Greg Allen, following the development and ideas of two feature films, a documentary, and several shorts.

Head Butler
A plugged-in cultural concierge who will tell you about books, music and movies.

Forum for Internet technology in contemporary art.

Stories of an artist's unfolding includes photos, fiction and non-fiction, and soundfiles.

Like Anna Karina's Sweater
Film and culture blog with a focus on non-mainstream topics.

Lil Monkey's World
Selected oddities from the mind of Suzanne Kaufman.

Lot 49
Thomas Claburn's log of writing, MP3s, and films.

Low Culture
Presentation with a small-screen-tv look at; new media ideas on aesthetics and entertainment.

The inventors network. Portal site for innovative solutions in design, art and technology.

Mr Squiggle
Duel between two artists.

NewPages Weblog
Updated links to literary magazines and periodicals and alternative information in print and online.

Weblog for photos, music, and architecture from Japan.

Graphic art, photography, language poetry and metatelephony.

A daily shot of stuff that fills the poster's pockets.

The Reader
Irregularly updated weblog concerned with art, literature, politics, science, culture.

Ryan Sievers
Digital sandbox on the web.
News and discussion of science fiction, fantasy, horror and RPG as they are being published on the internet. Also reviews and articles about genre items in general.

Think Attack
An open forum for intelligent and open-minded discussions and debates.

Finding and promoting the works of deserving artists, designers, and musicians.

Where There's Smoke
A weblog of conspicuous cultural consumption.

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