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Ain't It Cool News
The latest in movie, TV, comic and other information from Hollywood.

BBCi - Films
Includes cinema reviews, competitions and films coming soon. Read interviews with Jonathan Ross.

Guide to black films, with news, reviews, articles, interviews, and other resources. JAM! Movies
Canadian and international movie news, articles, and reviews. Film News
Articles, news, and reviews from the Canadian broadcaster.

Chasing the Frog
Previews and news about upcoming films, reviews of theatrical releases, DVD information, top film lists, and a look at classic films.

The latest cinematic happenings under development.

Cinema Confidential
Reviews, gossip, interviews, rumors, news, and contests. Also features image galleries and discussion forums.

Cinema Eye
Movie news, reviews, trailers, and discussion with a particular focus on independent and low-budget films.
Film portal. Showtimes, news, trailers, image galleries, film festivals, film schools, home video, ring tones, and related links.

Comic Book Movies
News, rumours, photographs, and trailers for films adapted from comic books [requires Flash].
Features news, photos, trailers, articles, and message boards.
News aggregator and blog for new films. Also includes reviews, ratings, and opinion articles by Dan Brusca.

Dark Horizons
News, images, video clips and reviews of current and upcoming blockbuster films.

Doctor Daniel's Movie Emergency
Reviews, ratings, previews, trivia quizzes, top lists, and links.
Reviews of newly released Hollywood features, as well as fake Hollywood news, fake celebrity gossip, and parody interviews. : Movie News
Presents up-to-the-minute entertainment news, trailers, gossip, reviews, contests to movie and TV enthusiasts.

Empire Movies
Movie news, photos, trailers, posters and message boards.

Entertaindom: Movies
News, movie clips, reviews, feature articles and interviews, polls, and discussion forums.

Entertainment Insiders
Film reviews and previews, box office statistics, articles and interviews, message board, and links.

E-Online: Reviews
News, reviews, and information about recently released and upcoming films, as well as box office statistics.

Movie reviews, independent director/actor interviews, and Lodger's "Notes from Austin".

Film and the City
Collection of articles about the history and future directions of film. Includes related links and a discussion forum.

Film Jerk
News about upcoming films, reviews, interviews, filmmaking resources, and related links.

Film Rotation
Film and entertainment news, movie and DVD reviews, editorials, and links.

Film Scouts
Screens independent films and mainstream film trailers. Also includes film reviews, interviews, and articles.

Film Threat
News and information on cult films, underground shorts, alternative films, and independent features. Also reviews, interviews, and details on local and international film festivals.

Film UK
Archived news and rumours about projects in Hollywood filmmaking; including promotional screen shots and trailers.

Film Unlimited
News, reviews, gossip, full UK listings from the Guardian and Observer.

Independent UK cinema subscription channel. Film news, release details, trailers, ringtones, DVD reviews, articles, and film clips.
Film, DVD and soundtrack reviews, news, box office reports, movie quotations, and links. News Archives
Collection of links to news articles, dating back to 1999.

Film and DVD reviews, news, feature articles and links.

Focus on Movies
Synopses of news articles from various sources, with links to the articles. Allows users to add resources.

Freeze Dried Movies
Movie news, reviews, features, interviews, and message board.

Frenetic Films
Trailers, spoilers, reviews and screen captures for films sorted by genre.

Fresh Visual
News blog, reviews, editorials, trailers and forums.

GreenCine Guru
Weblog with reviews, interviews, and articles about current releases as well as older titles.

Guardian Unlimited Film
Features, reviews, interviews and trailers. Interactive what's showing, film search, video mood-matcher and Brits in film.

Hollywood Byline
Hollywood buzz, cinema news, celebrity gossip, movie reviews, trailers, independent films, filmmakers directory.

Hollywood Hollywood
Film reviews as well as an archive of video picks, gossip, articles, and quizzes.
Features video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, celebrities, news, and event coverage.

News, reviews, and articles on past, current, and upcoming films.

IGN - Movies
Current and upcoming movie news, reviews and previews. - Movies
Provides synopses and related links for various wide-release features.

Insomniac Mania
Film and DVD reviews, trailers, news, multimedia, artwork, and forum. Movie Report
Information, pictures, and news for several upcoming feature films.
UK-based magazine for independent, arthouse and world cinema.

Kikizo Movies
Movie and DVD news, reviews, previews, features and media.

Killer Movie Reviews
Reviews of mostly independent films, as well as streaming audio of interviews with filmmakers.
Reviews, news, trailers, and discussion forums. User contributions welcome.

Lee's Movie Info
Box office statistics and predictions, movie reviews, upcoming film previews, and message board.

Lucid Screening
Film criticism from political, theoretical, and artistic viewpoints. Also includes movie news, feature articles and links.

Merryweather Jones Alliance
News and commentary about what's happening in the American film industry, by several contributors. Also includes film reviews and message forums.

The Movie Blog
Reviews, interviews, articles, and opinions on current film.

The Movie Centre
Film news, previews, trailers, and articles. Also features film screenplays and live chat.

Movie Forum
Film news, reviews of theatre and DVD releases, box office reports, image galleries, discussion forums, and related links.

The Movie Insider
Provides the film news with casting information, box office reports, release dates, articles, and links.

Movie Poop Shoot
News, opinion columns, and reviews. Also includes sections on music and comics.

The Movie Spoiler
Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.

Movie Thunder
News, reviews and a message board.

Movie Usher
Information about titles currently playing in theaters, out on home video, and coming soon.

Movie Wasteland
News, reviews, interviews, and links to trailers.
Different film-related contests in major cities across North America. Winners will receive advance screenings or newly released DVDs. Also includes film news and trailers.

Movie previews, reviews, trailers and local showtimes for current flicks and DVD releases.

Movie news, interviews, and reviews. Also includes theater and video release information for Australia and the United States.

The Movie-Page
Current Film Reviews and trailer links.

Movies of Oz
Release dates, film synopses, quotations, and box office details for movies in Australia and the United States.

Trailers, box office statistics, archive of film previews, and movie stills.
News and reviews available in English and Dutch.

New Zealand-based movie and TV site with international coverage, including news, reviews, interviews, and other features.

MSN Entertainment
Movie reviews, gossip and news from Hollywood. Also features celebrity interviews, and links to other movie sites.

News, reviews, trailers and features like movie mistakes.

The New York Times: Movies
Movie reviews, nationwide showtimes, new releases, movie news and ticket purchase.

NPR: Movies
News, audio reports, feature articles, reviews, and podcasts from National Public Radio.

Movie reviews, editorials, multimedia, essays, fiction, and a bulletin board.

Ocean Blue Films
Reviews, message board, polls, previews, trailers, and box office statistics.

One Reel Film
News, reviews, box office reports, articles, and links.

Out Of Focus
Articles, news, and reviews for mostly independent and art house films.

Premiere Magazine
Previews, reviews, interviews, polls, box office numbers, guides, forums and a newsletter.

Reviews, previews, articles, pictures, production notes, release dates for independent and major movies in US and internationally.

Real Movie News
News, reviews of feature films and DVDs, interviews, trailers, image galleries, posters, and a discussion forum.

Reel Cinema
Film trivia, previews, box office details, audio clips, posters, and links.

Reel Movies
Recent film news, reviews, multimedia downloads, and related links. Hollywood Confidential
Jeffrey Wells' movie column, normally updated every Wednesday and Friday.

Rope of Silicon
Features movie news, previews, images, trailers, film awards, weekend box office, and reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes
Reviews, predictions, box office, trailers, interviews, photos, and news of current and upcoming movies. Movies
An index of film-related articles going back to 1996, with a focus on independent films.

Screen Digest
News, research and statistics on the film, cinema, television, video, cable and interactive media globally.

SF Gate: Entertainment: Movies
Reviews and previews of films in theaters and on video. Also includes articles, news, gossip, top lists, and showtimes.

Spin and Stir
Weblog with news, film reviews and Hollywood gossip.

Spliced Online
Film reviews, news and interviews.

Reviews of current theatrical and video releases, along with news, interviews, and multimedia.

SU Newswire
Covering Hollywood and screenwriting.

Box office breakdowns, rants, reviews, trailer discussion and links.

Talk About Films
Discussions of foreign and independent films, downloadable as MP3 files or podcasts.

Talk Film
News about upcoming films, reviews of various movies, rumors and gossip. User contributions welcome.

Top Box-Office Movies
Film news and reviews.

USA Today: Movies
Real-time resource for film news, reviews and showtimes.

Video Heads
Weblog with reviews, trailers, screenshots, video clips and links.

Virtual Urth's Movie Channel
Reviews, news and information on new movies and the film industry.

Yahoo! Movies
Showtimes, trailers, reviews, articles, interviews, news, and gossip.

The Z Review
Features news, reviews, previews, trailers, and chat. Movies
Movie news, reviews, showtimes and trailers.    XML Feeds: